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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A New Camera

by Ravi
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At some moment, we feel to stop time and save the moment. Since we cannot stop time, we can capture the moments in our thoughts. But like RAM, thoughts get recharged after every few seconds. Some people live with both negative and positive thinking. There are phases when we experience slices of life unfolding in front of us. Some moments are intricate and detailed, which shows us the wonder of being human. We, humans, got the power to think rationally and logically. Photography keeps moments alive. It makes us feel the love of lost ones, old memories, and happy moments. We feel the love, passion, devotion, and connection with captured moments.

Here are few things to be followed while buying a new camera:

Size Of Sensor

The most crucial factor is to maintain picture quality and exposure flexibility is the size of the sensor and the size of each photosite on it. A photosite can capture a large amount of light and records huge information only if its surface area is large. The camera’s image processor must have more information to get dynamic range in the resulting image. The small-sized sensors of compact digicams cannot record details clearly in the brightest and the darkest lights. When no recorded detail is present, editing an image cannot improve the situation.

Megapixel Resolution

Every advertising community focuses on the megapixel that a camera supports. The size to which it can be printed at photo quality will dictate the number of megapixels in an image file. A 6-megapixel sensor has 30% less photosite than an 8-megapixel camera. We can provide an excellent A-3 size photo clicked from a 5 to 6-megapixel camera if the picture was captured and edited accurately. This feature is present in all the current models.

Brand Loyalty of new camera

  • The effective focal length is changed in most cameras by a lens multimeter factor of 1.5x to 2x. The wide-angle view of the 36 mm lens on the 35 mm camera will view the same view as a 24 mm lens.
  • 35mm lenses are often heavy and bulky in size compare to digital lenses.
  • Always buy a body that will accept the lenses we have. It will support both financially and logically.


Most cameras are sold with medium-range zoom lenses. A Tele zoom lens is provided with a focal length of 70 to 200 mm in 35 mm camera format. A great valuable kit is a twin lens kit. The main focus remains on lens speed rather than its performance. Metal bodies are harder than plastic bodies but easier to carry.


A photographer is not built with pieces of equipment. A piece of equipment is necessary to make the work much more precise. A camera is an equipment that helps people to capture moments. One-time investment can change the lives of people. The beauty that a camera can capture, worth its cost. So check the sensor size, megapixel resolution, brand loyalty, and lenses before buying any camera.