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How To Find The Right New York Bankruptcy Attorney

by Ravi
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If one wishes to fight a case of bankruptcy in court, one must employ a bankruptcy lawyer. Bankruptcy attorneys specialize in matters related to insolvency. In these exceptional cases, a general practitioner may not always be helpful. Issues such as these require an in-depth understanding of principles, and any flaw in the argument can cost a fortune. Any lawyer who does not have enough experience with bankruptcy cases is sure to turn down such a case. This article lists different ways through which you can find the most suitable New York bankruptcy attorney for yourself.

Right Bankruptcy Attorney For You in New York:

Through Personal Referrals

The best way to find a well-suited attorney is to take reference from a person who has had a good experience with a bankruptcy lawyer. Another suitable source of information could be asking for the opinions of your personal lawyer. You can also ask for the views of a lawyer who works for your family or friends.

Group Legal Plans

If you have access to a legal facility that provides legal assistance and guidance free of cost, you should drop in there first for details.

Lawyer Referral Panels

Visiting your local attorney panels or county associations of lawyers is a valuable option. You can write to them to request some assistance regarding information about bankruptcy lawyers. The one downside of this method is that these associations do not take time to screen the attorneys. Therefore, with the knowledge, they provide you have to do your own research to pick the best attorney for yourself.

Online Directories

A very convenient option is to search for a list of bankruptcy attorneys online. A well-maintained online directory will contain information about the past cases of the lawyer, their general philosophy and mindset when dealing with clients, and the average fee they charge per sitting. There are several private websites that maintain the contact information of attorneys in the New York area. You can also check into the government websites which keep the details of high-profile bankruptcy attorneys who are a part of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Legal Aid

Legal aid centers are bodies that offer legal guidance in various areas. A few of these centers focus solely on bankruptcy attorneys. The legal aid offices receive partial funding from federal agencies, and therefore they are meant for low-income clients.

Legal Clinics for bankruptcy attorney

Many law schools in the country have a facility that is meant for the legal assistance of ordinary people. They call these associations legal clinics, and the schools sponsor these to offer free legal advice to the citizens. Some legal clinics might have an income check wherein they will ask you to declare your yearly salary. This income check is to ensure that the facility reaches the low-income bracket of the society for whose welfare the organization runs. Some of these bodies offer help to moderate-income level citizens as well.


Finding the right attorney can be a hefty task without any guidance or reference. The best way out is to contact everyone you know who can offer dependable legal advice. After you have all the information you need, you can cross-check and make sure what you know is correct. Deciding your bankruptcy attorney should be a foolproof process as the losses in this matter is vast.