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The Production and Sale of Cigarettes Should be Made Illegal

by Ravi
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The number of smokers is increasing every day, and so is the number of people suffering due to smoking. It starts with a puff, may be out of stress or maybe out of curiosity, but it never ends on a good note. Cigarettes have no components that are essential for our health. It simply makes us a little dizzy and obviously sneaks up on our lungs and other essential organs.

Not smoking a cigarette or staying away from a smoker won’t help you get any healthier. A passive smoker can be affected as much as a regular smoker. But sadly, people are not aware of how much they are affecting themselves every day.

Contents Of Cigarettes And Its Effects

A cigarette contains about 6 to 12 milligrams of nicotine and other toxic chemical substances, which are called tar. Nicotine acts both as a sedative and stimulant for the body. When a body exposed to nicotine experiences an adrenaline kick resulting in immediate release of glucose, blood pressure, and heart rate. Consumption of nicotine causes the release of dopamine which results in the feeling of relaxation and pleasure. 

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, just like other dangerous drugs like heroin and cocaine. Extensive consumption of nicotine may affect blood circulation, irregular and disturbed sleep, and dizziness. In the gastrointestinal system, nicotine can result in nausea and vomiting, dry mouth, indigestion, and peptic ulcer. The child of a pregnant lady consuming tobacco may experience obesity, high blood pressure, and infertility. Other

effects include spasms in the lungs, increase levels of insulin, and pneumonia. A smoker not only risks his or her life but the persons around.  

In 1975, cigarette or tobacco products were legalized in India under the tobacco Control Act. Consumption of cigarettes starts from an adolescent age out of curiosity, or maybe on the college campus. It soon becomes our daily essential. It is always too late when we realize we should not have taken the first puff.

Cigarettes do not have any medical value. Smoking cigarettes can cause cancer or can result in a painful death. Do you light up a cigarette just to relax or to escape from your stress? Try working on your hobbies. At least, your hobby won’t cause you a painful death. So, an environment without the smoke of tobacco would definitely be a better one for everyone. Say no to cigarettes and help others to stop the consumption of cigarettes.

Health Effects

Smoking cigarettes and tobacco products cause a painful death and sometimes the reason behind cancer. Smoking can also cause heart disease, stroke, lung infections, COPD. It also affects our immune system, and hence we should restrain ourselves from smoking.


To conclude, the government should announce the production and consumption of cigarettes as an illegal act as soon as possible. Before the government takes any step towards the ban on the production and sale of cigarettes, you should be a responsible citizen. You should stop a child if seen smoking, or raise a voice against the people smoking around children and senior citizens as they are more vulnerable to diseases. Make a difference, even a small one.