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Five Lessons to Remember During RV Renovations

by Ravi
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RV Renovations can be equally intimidating as well as exciting at the same time. One should always have a good amount of knowledge and do proper research before renovating an RV. RV Renovations’ expenses depend on a large number of factors such as the RV models, kitchenware, plumbing services, electrical systems, all interior and exterior materials, and more. The cost generally ranges from a thousand dollars to almost ten thousand dollars depending on requirements. They might seem simple, but these are usually tricky and require time.

Let’s look at the five lessons that one needs to keep in mind during RV Renovations.

Proper Paint Selection

Choosing the right or perfect paint is as important as choosing the right form of primer. Any good quality oil-based primer or shellac primer will help one in the renovation. Water-based primers can easily leave cracks by lifting any porous surface. Hence, it is best to avoid water primers as they also tend to moisten and damage. For plastic parts, one can use spray paints and mask certain areas to avoid creating a mess. Oil-based paints should be used if your RV includes lamination. In case of shower fixing, one should use a proper plumbing restoration kit.

Selection Of Proper Light Bulbs

Generally, low voltage bulbs of about 12V are required for RV Renovations. One can easily use scones for areas in the bedroom or above a couch. Then one can drill holes to connect them. It will also be smart to use vintage lampshades, shelf brackets, LED lights, bedroom bulbs, lamp cords, and more to improve the lighting. LED lights are best suitable as they are brighter, smaller in size, and save a large amount of energy. Ceiling lights can also be controlled using a remote for a better lighting experience.

Prep Working

There’s generally a mix of real wood and wallpapers in most RVs; for real wood, one can use particleboard and liquid sand. A chemical-free wallpaper steamer with water can be used to get rid of the wallpaper. The entire thing depends on the quality of walls and wood. All the drawers and counterparts are also replaceable. Hence the paintwork and prep should be selected, keeping all these things in mind.

Furniture Measuring During RV Renovations

Efficient and proper use of space is needed while working with the furniture. Before making the furniture or purchasing it, one should note the furniture measure at least twice. IKEA and Amazon Prime are already selling such furniture pieces. Hence, one can also buy ready-made furniture pieces from here.

The Matter Of Weight

To avoid weights in the RV area, remove extra things if you want to add more décor. Weight is a huge matter for most RV lovers. To balance the weight, one can easily use lighter frameworks. One can also use wallpaper or shelf liners instead of wood.


Usually, with quality maintained construction and sustainable development of materials, classic RV designs can be created. However, there are some common mistakes that people usually make during RV Renovations. But this article will help one avoid those mistakes and create masterpieces.

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