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Covid Situation In US 2021

by Ravi
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As per the World Health Organization, there have been a total of 29968500 cases of Covid 19 approximately in the United States of America from January 2020 to March 2021. Nearly 544000 deaths are confirmed. But the good news is that almost 135544000 doses of vaccination have already been administered. The situation is likely to start to become normal again by the second quarter of 2021. A new strain of cases will develop most probably by the third quarter in the USA and UK. But continuous vaccination also ensures that by the third or fourth quarter of 2021, strong herd immunity will be developed amongst people. But it has its threats. But even though herd immunity is achieved, it’s not the end. This immunity may prove to be temporary. 

Covid: Important Recent Developments

The most important developments that we have witnessed in the past few months are drastic and promising. Let’s take a look at them.

  • A steep reduction in deaths and hospitalization proves that the vaccination is effective from real-life data. Some recent reports have shown that vaccines also prevent chances of transmission. 
  • The rollout of vaccination to every household has improved considerably. Sentiments are improving regarding the vaccine concept. In the USA, out of hundred people, every 33 people are vaccinated. Massive vaccination drives are being organized.
  • Vaccination trials on twelve-year-old children and newborn babies have been started. With this rate, the USA can vaccinate all its adult inhabitants by the end of the second quarter. Already, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been approved for emergency use in the USA due to its one-shot and effective nature. 
  • Deaths, new cases, and hospitalization dropped by almost 80% in the United States. However, the bend curve is fragile. Every day almost a thousand deaths are still reported in the USA. But strict lockdown and other non-pharmaceutical measures are still on the row.
  • A potential new wave of cases might arrive from the latest B.1.1.7 variants. These will also reduce the efficiency of the vaccine developed. Many new strains have already appeared in the United States, whose response towards the vaccine is still unknown to us. 

Global Economy Impact

Stronger growth is expected in the economy of 2021, as projected by the latest reports. But the pre-existing conditions of indebtedness, inequality, investment still threatens and is likely to worsen. The United States has strongly recovered from its previous wrecked economy. It will be contributing considerably to the global economy hike, which will reach an estimated 4.7% by this year. Consumer spending will increase based on the effective distribution of vaccination and health products. But still, the global economy will be short of ten trillion dollars which could have been there if it was a non-pandemic situation. 


Hopefully, if the vaccines are fully efficient with the new strains not creating much problem, by the end of the second quarter, the US can expect a bit of normalcy. The US is also using data from the 2014 Ebola outbreak to control the situation here. President Joe Biden wants to celebrate a normal independence day and has promised to provide all support to medical researchers for better outcomes.